Flight Simulator 98 Model of Duchess N456TH
(new paint scheme)

Here is an aircraft you can add to FS98.  It is my Duchess with a new paint scheme designed by Craig Barnett of Scheme Designers and painted by me on a Duchess model designed by Dennis Wasnich at (dwasnich@bright.net).  It includes a panel from Michael Verlin (mverlin@packet.net).

fs5.jpg (35473 bytes)

BE76p.jpg (21556 bytes)

FS98 Aircraft: duchess.zip

1. Create a duchess directory in the fsim98\aircraft directory.
2. Unzip this in the fsim98\aircraft\duchess directory allowing it to create subdirectories
3. Go into the duchess\panel directory and unzip the be76pnl.zip and follow its directions.

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