How To Use The Delorme® TripmateTM As A NEMA-0183 GPS Device

First purchase the Tripmate Power Adapter Kit that lets you power the Tripmate from the laptop external keyboard/auto lighter.

Get from Radio Shack, a 276-1538c 9 pin female connector, a 276-1537c 9 pin male connector, 2 276-1513 hoods for 9 pin connectors, and 271-1325 2.2k Ohm resistors.

Cut off the hoods just before the screw holes and tape each half together on the inside to form a double ended hood. Connect the two connectors as follows:

circut diagram

Put the two hood halves together and tape the outside. Connect this device between the Tripmate and the adapter cable.

Use the Tripmate.exe (the tool that shows you the satellites) to start the Tripmate and then just configure every other program to use a standard NEMA-0183 interface. This device just keeps the Tripmate alive all the time.

You can then switch between applications, Destination Direct (an aviation moving map program), Street Atlas USA®, etc., and not lose the GPS information.