Order Windows Version of Weight and Balance

Works for all size aircraft - single engine trainers to corporate jets. CG in inches or %MAC. A special version of this program is available for the CMC Electronics CT-1000 Flight-Deck Organizer.

Click to download actual program
Screen shot of typical basic version

Screen shot of complex version with addition positions and multiple fuel arms and weights

Item Cost Order
Windows Version - Basic Piston (includes 3 positions and single fuel arm) $150.00
Windows Version - Basic Turbine (no positions) $250.00
Additional Positions $35.00 each
Multiple Fuel Arms and Weight $4.00 each
Special Features $299.00 each

You need to supply me with the correct data from the POH. You will be able to update the empty weight and arm by yourself at any time if it changes. You also need to compute a sample weight and balance with loads at all of the points so I can check the results.

Any use of this program is only in conjunction with actually verifying the results before a flight. Legal stuff.

See HTML Applet version
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